Let’s begin it again.

Tell me what to do,tell me where I can go

You can JUST tell me cause you’re just supposed to do so

I just want to live when I’m alive

Its my life, Now Or Never!!

Today, I’m not a stargazer

I wanna be starchaser…
Walking alone or along in the frightening fog

I have the courage like that cowardly dog

I’ll walk the road, through the storm

whatever weather, cold or warm

They thought I’m a plastic toy

but I proved that I’m just a Gentle Boy

as Quiet as Mouse, as Clever as a Fox

I’m fed up of their stupid silly jokes

All those suffered pain

They were just wasted in Vain

If I fail,if I succeed

At least I’ll live as I believe

No matter what they take away from Me

They can’t take away my dignity !!

They all saw my unfortunate cry

I tried and I failed, all they said was nice try

But I don’t care cause today I’m gonna fight

My Destiny will reach me that is my Divine Right !!

You find it interesting or you find it BORR

I’m a champion and You will hear my ROAR !!!!